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      Bu Claudia Denene mesajım.

      Dear Madam,gamedesign-Claudia.
      Last 15 months , i am a member of Futbolcup.net . During this period , i have observed that some individual efforts of 3-4 game volunteers ( Marques, Carsi33, Eristavi, Peaky Bilinders ) are directing and maintaining Turkish Futbolcup.net. Without a doubt, Not only in the game but also at forum, they did WELL DONE. Due to your statistical datas, you may impartialy see the rates and rise of credits from Turkey. We do not comment your management principals. We respect the rules. But we want our devoted and unselfish Admin ( Marques ) back. i am sure YOU DON'T PAY for him and he doesn't earn money from the game. Nothing but a few credits maybe. That is why, my demand wil benefit you as well as it has done before. If you change our admin , this will be back to you as a lose. Credits will be less and low. Please think twice and reassign him to make more money as a commercial game designer. Thanks in advance and regards.

      Marques, Daha da kredi falan yüklemem kardeşim.